How Kawangware Woman Rose from Mama Mboga to Supermarket Tycoon in Just 30 Days.

" It Only Took Me 30 To Rise From Mama Mboga To Owning A Multimillion Supermarket" Kawangware Woman Narrates.

As always everyone desires to have a good life that he/ she meet all their daily needs plus achieve their ambitions and goals in life at any particular time. I was a vegetable vendor in Nairobi, Kawangware constituency, a job I had done now for more than ten years. My business had undergone upheavals at some point where my husband had even made it clear to me closing it down completely was a lasting solution since it seemed not to giving out much profit as expected.

At times the products that I would purchase for maximum profit would end going bad as no one would buy. I would throw away bags of kales, tomatoes, cabbages and other forms of vegetables since no one was really showing up to my kiosk. I a day I would sell close to two hundred shillings a low price compared to my fellow competitors in the vegetable vending business.

Despite the storms, I remained focus where I knew one day things will go my side and the business would really be a big deal. My husband had really given up to early. He used to sell water using our donkey to various hotels just for a living, work that he really enjoyed compared to staying idle as he used to tell me. We were really a struggling family as we had four children to feed, keeping in mind we also had to pay rent since we lived in single room. Life was really tough and I expected my business will add up something at least to boost my husband a little bit for I really pitted him. At times he would risk on roads where vehicles that were high speed driven passed while he was at work looking for customers using our donkey to sell water to.

At times the city council men would come and take all my vegetables from my kiosk due to lack of operating license or even at times they only needed a bribe of roughly fifty shillings which I really lacked at a glance. Life was really tough since my husband had really started to complain I was not really bringing something on the table as other women in our residential area did at least to add up what their husbands had for daily survival. I felt ashamed of my business.

My competitors really enjoyed my vegetables go bad since it was an ample chance to sell theirs for maximum profits at each moment. Since I was a true believer in Christianity, I started going to church leaders for prayers and each Sunday I would spare some few coins for tithe offering just for my business to have a turnaround but all was just in vanity. I had spent a lot of my coins in this offerings and nothing positive had really came out of this.

” It Only Took Me 30 To Rise From Mama Mboga To Owning A Multimillion Supermarket” Kawangware Woman Narrates.

The pastors only liked me because I made the tithe basket full. I was giving up and I had made my mind I was to close the business any time. As I was about to try the last chance if the business was to prosper, my friend Veronicah made a visit to my kiosk. She really seemed prosperous as I had known her past life before as a terrible one more than mine. She was even driving a Subaru and I really wondered I we really live on the same earth. She told me she was to take me to Kiwanga doctors and everything that was looking really difficult to achieve in life was going to be a simple task. The following morning we went by her car to Kiwanga doctors where I was attended to and later she drove me back to my place. My husband had no clue where I was that day since I did not open the business.

Three days later customers flocked my kiosk and within an hour I was done selling everything where others even booked. This was really a new dawn. The business was a success as each day as at some point I opened a supermarket that specifically sold vegetables. My husband was the cashier. All other vegetable kiosks in the area were shut since ours was preferred. Kiwanga doctors also treat a large tummy, manhood among other things just to mention a few in three days and life just turns to normal. For consultations call +254 769 40 4965 / E-mail or visit the website

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