How Kiptum Spent Over Ksh.46 Million He Had Made In His Short Career

The demise of Kelvin Kiptum will forever remain to be a huge blow to the entire nation and the family. He was a very promising athlete and it is so sad that his career only lasted for 5 years and cut short by a tragic accident.

The 24 years old ran a total of 13 races, and in those races it includes the record he broke at Chicago. He had started making a very good amount of money from athletics. Just a reminder he started running at the age of 13 years but in 2019 is when he started participating in international marathons.

During the period, Kiptum earned over Ksh46 million drawing from the multiple marathons he dominated and records broken.

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However, the athlete had not received the entire funds owing to the processes incurred before the event organisors deposited funds to the management company handling the athlete.

For breaking the World record in the 2023 Chicago Marathon, Kiptum earned a total of Ksh27.3 million, including Ksh14.9 million from the event organisors, Ksh7.4 million from Nike, the event sponsor and Ksh5 million from the Kenyan government.

According to Golazo Manager, they will access and use some of the money to build Kiptum’s Foundation and support the needy, as it was the wish of Kiptum, who was already supporting about 20 children in his village.

Kiptum had bought a piece of land for his dad Samuel Cheruiyot and had promised to build him a house soon. The Government did so and built a house both for Kiptum and also his father’s house is under construction.

He used to provide for the entire family, he was the soul provider, and had promised them alot of things which he was fulfilling one by one. He also owned the Toyota Premio car that was involved in an accident.

How Kiptum Spent Over Ksh.46 Million He Had Made In His Short Career
How Kiptum Spent Over Ksh.46 Million He Had Made In His Short Career

It is important to be aware that not all the money had been released, the Golazo Company still has his funds and they have admitted to cooperate with the family and also to support the entire society.



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