Eric Omondi: I Will Make Sure Mungai Eve and Trevor Reunite ‘ Nitawakalisha Chini”.

Eric Omondi on Reuniting Mungai Eve and Trevor

When Mungai Eve was an upcoming, Eric Omondi was like the backbone of their YouTube channel. He used to give them interviews after interviews and this played a huge role in making Eve a brand.

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When Trevor announced the breakup, Eric Omondi was among the people who were shocked and disappointed. He said that he wasn’t expecting this to happen, and he won’t allow it to happen.

Being like their father in the industry, Eric Omondi said that it is not over till it is over. He said that as much as it is not recommended for a person to come in between a couple fight, he will defy the odds and come in between the two to find a solution.

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Eric Omondi said that he is waiting for Eve to come back in the country, because she is at Zanzibar, and he will call both Eve and Trevor, and have a word with both of them.

His plan is to resolve the issue and try to see if they can reunite. Eric Omondi believes that things can still work out between the two. However he won’t force them to be in love, but he will just try and make them continue working together.

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Eric Omondi said that Kenyans should wait for positive news, because he never fails, and this time round he will try all the best to bring back the celebrated couple.

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