” Wanaume Huwa Wanataka tu KuniKula” Georgina Njenga Opens Up On Dating Again.

Georgina Njenga Opens Up On Dating Again

One of the most famous and celebrated, controversial kenyan content creator, Georgina Njenga decided to open up on dating again, and what she has learned about men and relationships.

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Speaking in an interview with online media, Georgina decided to clarify the statement she posted online about having male friends. The content creator revealed that it is difficult for her to have a male friend.

Most of them have intentions of getting intimate with her or to date her. They are not ready to just ready or willing to be her best friends, friend zone or Bestie Bestie.
She said it is something that happens to most ladies, and hence it is difficult for them to have male friends who just have pure intentions.

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Georgina who had said that she won’t fall in love again, revealed that she is in love and dating a foreign man. The man flew all the way from abroad to come and meet her. She believes him and she is into are relationship with him.

" Wanaume Huwa Wanataka tu KuniKula" Georgina Njenga Opens Up On Dating Again.
” Wanaume Huwa Wanataka tu KuniKula” Georgina Njenga Opens Up On Dating Again.

The content creator said that she will soon reveal the face of her new man, she believes that he is her perfect man, and maybe they may get married.

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For Tyler Mbaya, Georgina admitted that she still misses him, and they do talk alot, but most of the talks are about their baby. For Mboya Vincent she said that she can’t date him, he is not her type.

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