Massage By Steve: A Man Offered me Ksh.260,000 To Have Mechi Safi With Me..

Massage by Steve started gaining fame online, after his videos massaging women naked went viral online. It was a very unique thing in Kenya because Massage therapist rarely share videos of them serving their clients. However for Steve the fame has come along with alot of things.

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Speaking in an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Steve said that one of the challenges he has been facing, is men crushing on him. He said he is straight and he can only understand if a woman salivate at him, because he is cute and handsome.

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Steve said that he has been shocked to see alot of gay men crushing on him, and they have been flocking in his inbox, offering him huge amounts of money so that he can agree to sleep with them.

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He revealed that, there is a man who offered him ksh.260,000 to just sleep with him one night. The man said that he is ready to change his life if he accepts him to be sleeping with him. Steve said that he refused that deal because he is straight and he is only attracted to ladies.

The message therapist said the other challenge he face is during deep massage session, some of the ladies usually want him to sleep with them, but he usually knows how to calm them down and handle the situation. He said that he has never and he will never sleep with his clients.

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He agreed that sometimes things get steamy but he has a very strong control. He respects all his clients and for that reason he can’t take an advantage of giving them deep massage while naked so that he can sleep with them, he never mix business with pleasure.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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