” Bado Nakupenda” Samidoh Tells His Wife Edday as She Gives Him an Epic Lap Dance.

The amazing telenovela of Samidoh and his baby mamas continues . Just a week after Edday who is the legitimate wife to Samidoh made it public that she is single , and she won’t reunite again with the Mugithi superstar, the two have again reunited.

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Edday had dumped Samidoh because of hanging out and spending quality time with Karen Nyamu who is also his Baby Mama. However it seems like the two sides decided to solve the issue privately and amicably.

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In a video that has really gone viral online, Samidoh and Edday are spotted having a quality time during the birthday of their child. The two were dancing and Edday gave Samidoh an epic lap dance.

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During the birthday party, Samidoh confessed to Edday Nderitu publicly that he still loves her and he won’t leave her. The two love birds took some charming photos together, and from the look, they seem to be peaceful again and they are ready to continue enjoying their love life.

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Karen Nyamu on the other hand, agreed to share Samidoh with Edday , she even went on and shared photos of  Edday’s child with Samidoh and wished her a happy birthday. Things are now settled and Samidoh has now responsibility of taking care of two women, that is Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu and Edday Nderitu.

Click here to watch full video on YouTube.

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