Details About Raila and Ruto Secret Meeting That Led to the End of Maandamano.

Reliable sources have revealed that  Azimio La Umoja Leader Raila Odinga and William Ruto had a secret meeting on Sunday, April 2nd 2023. This is the meeting that led to the end of Azimio La Umoja demonstrations that were to happen on Monday 3th April 2023.

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On April 2nd both Raila Odinga and William Ruto didn’t show up at the churches they were supposed to attend. Raila was supposed to attend a church service in Kibera and Kiambu but he didn’t show up. Ruto was also supposed to attend a church service as it is always his norm, but the president didn’t show up.

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It has been revealed that the two secretly travelled outside Nairobi, and held a meeting at Masaai mara. The main aim of this meeting was to come up with an amicable solution on how their differences will be addressed.

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According to KTN News, The two agreed to solve the Azimio La Umoja issues in a bypartisan way, which is through parliament and also by following the constitution. IEBC commissioners issues was to be taken back to the parliament and both Azimio and Kenya Kwanza were to be involved in the selection and vetting process.

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The other thing that also emerged in their meeting, was the formation of the office of the leader of opposition, which William Ruto agreed to do so, and soon the process might be completed.
It has been alleged that about the opening of the server issue which was also been pressurised by Raila, the two agreed on how they will handle it. Raila also demanded for the release of Azimio La Umoja leaders and supporters who had been arrested . This is already happening and Dpp Nordin Hajji has already started withdrawing their cases.

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It was after this secret meeting, when William Ruto came and made a press conference, urging Raila Odinga to call off the demonstration. Few hours later , Raila Odinga also made a press conference calling off the demonstrations, and agreeing to engage in a dialogue with Kenya Kwanza camp.

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