George Magoha’s Biography , Beautiful Wife and Children.

Magoha's Biography

Magoha’s Biography is made up of his whole family, that he has tried as much as possible to keep very private. The CS is the only one who is known by the public.

Magoha’s Biography , Wife and Children.

The Cs have managed to improve the education system of Kenya. The Cabinet Secretary of education, Professor George Magoha, is one of the most learned professors in Kenya.

He is also among the most respected professors in Kenya. CBC, which is the new education curriculum of Kenya, has been achieved under the leadership of Magoha.

However, most people don’t know the story behind the making of Magoha and how he rose from grass to grace. His success has resulted from his sustained efforts and strong will to win.

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Magoha’s Biography. 


Professor Albert George Amore Magoha was born in 1952 in Kisumu. Though his tribe is linked to the Kisii tribe. Magoha moved in with John Obare, his elder brother, and his brother’s wife in Nairobi.

While young Magoha used to suffer from asthma, which is a medical condition that is usually common among children, and sometimes it lasts a lifetime.


Professor Magoha attended David Livingstone Primary School in Nairobi. It is a very great school, and it is known for producing heroes in Kenya.

After performing very well in his final primary education. Magoha secured a precious chance to join the great Starehe Boys National School.

After completing and passing very well his O-level studies at Starehe. Magoha Joined Strathmore School for his A- level education, where he graduated with a high school diploma.

Magoha was very bright, and in school, he was brilliant, and he had a strong will to win and be successful in everything he used to do.

After Excelling in his university entry exam.Magoha was awarded a very lucrative scholarship to study  Human Medicine.

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Magoha in Nigeria

He went to Nigeria Lagos, where he joined the University of Lagos. After having a successful period in Lagos and excelling very well. Magoha went to the United Kingdom.

In Uk, Magoha attended the famous Royal Postgraduate Medical School. He specialized in urology.


Magoha Biography
Professor George Magoha /Photo Courtesy

Since Magoha was very bright and had all the certifications. Getting a job was not a massive problem because he worked with several organizations while still studying.

Magoha at University of Nairobi

In the late 1990s, Magoha was appointed as the chairman, dean, and principal of the college of health sciences at the University of Nairobi.

He was later appointed as the deputy vice-chancellor of Nairobi University. This was in the year 2005.

While in the University of Nairobi.one of the most outstanding achievements of Magoha was, instituting discipline among the non-teaching staff, academic staff, and most importantly, the students.

The strikes that had damaged the institution began to reduce because of Magoha and his team’s harsh measures. Cases of lecturers and students missing lessons decreased. The staff members became more active and performed their duties at the required time.

The University of Nairobi transformed and became among the best universities in Kenya and Africa.He served at the institution for ten years. For all those years, the students went for strikes fewer times.

The only time the strikes seemed to be worse was during Babu Owino’s time. When he was a student leader at UON.

Babu was fearless, and he was among the people that fought for students’ rights. Due to his no-nonsense record, Magoha caught president Uhuru Kenyatta’s attention.

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Joining the Government

Uhuru appointed him as the chairman of the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC).Magoha is credited for helping dismantle the cartels that had initiated the examination cheating for years.

Professor Magoha restored the credibility of the exams in Kenya. He reformed the examination council. The country felt his effect, because his combination with Fred Matiangi. Really transformed the Kenyan education system. In 2016, Kenya had only 141 A plains in KCSE. Yet we were used to getting thousands of A plain.

Becoming Cabinet Secretary of Education

Due to his excellent performance and the upgrading of Matiangi to the ministry of education. CS Amina Mohamed was shifted to the ministry of sports.

Magoha remained the only person who could have fitted in the cabinet secretary of education seat. In 2019, on March 1st, Magoha was officially nominated to be the cabinet secretary of the ministry of education in Kenya.

He passed the vetting process and received his oath on March 26th. He successfully replaced Amina Mohamed. Up to date, he is still the cabinet secretary of education.

His term is expected to end on August 9th, 2022. When the cabinet of Uhuru shall be replaced by the new president,who will assume the effort.

Challenges faced by Magoha while working as the CS of Education

George Magoha has faced several challenges in this ministry. The main challenge being the Corona Virus pandemic, which affected the education sector of Kenya for one year.  He was forced to change the education calendar.

CBC has also been another challenge, and most of the parents, have been complaining about the system. Even urging the president to drop the CS, but the president trusts him.

 Academic Qualifications of Magoha

Mr Magoha has several degrees. He has an undergraduate degree in medicine from the University of Lagos. He has studied graduate studies in executive management at Stanford business school.

He knows neurosurgery, and while at the University of Nairobi, he served in the department of surgery. Magoha has more than 60 peer-reviewed publications.


Marriage and Children(pillars of Magoha’s Biography). 


Magoha Biography
Magoha’s wife /Photo Courtesy

Professor Magoha has kept his family private. Rarely can you see him hanging out with his wife and children.

Professor Magoha is a family man and married to the beautiful Odudu Barbara Magoha, a Nigerian. She is also a learned woman, and she holds a master’s of medicine in Gynecology and Obstetrics from the great  University of Nairobi.

The two lover birds are blessed with only one son. He is called Michael Magoha. Michael is also in medicine. he is an alumnus of  Strathmore and Brook house school.He graduated from the great University of Nairobi with a degree in medicine in 2009.


George Magoha’s Biography shows that he is determined to make it in the political field. Maybe after the 2022 elections in the next elections, he might vie for an apolitical seat in his home county.


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