” Kugawana Mali!?I Regret Signing A Prenup With Omosh” Akothee.

Esther Akothee well known as Madam Boss is still opening up about her previous marriage with her swiss husband Omosh. The two parted ways or divorced just three months after doing a mega wedding that was worth about ksh.20 million.

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Speaking on her tiktok live, Akothee said that before marriage , her and Omosh signed a Prenup. This was an assurance that the two will be together forever, and maybe incase of a breakup, then some properties that belongs to them , there is a way they will be shared.

What is a Prenup?
A prenup, or prenuptial agreement, is a contract between two people that’s created before they get married. It typically lists each person’s assets, debts, and outlines how they’ll be handled should the couple divorce later on. Prenups can be a valuable financial tool.

Why Do Couples Sign A Prenup?.
A prenup is a legally binding agreement between an engaged couple that outlines how their assets will be split up if they get divorced. “Most couples who seek a prenup are interested in keeping each spouse’s income/property and debt/liabilities separate during the course of the marriage.

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Akothee didn’t open up more about the prenup, she just took a deep breath. However in the whole video Akothee narrated how Omosh won her heart, and the mistakes that she made in the relationship and why things happened the way they happened. She said that as much as she gained some things from Omosh, Omosh really gained alot from her.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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