” Roho Yangu Ilikuwa Hapa” Akothee Opens Up On Doing A Wedding With Nelly Oaks.

Esther Akothee, famous as Madam Boss, finally decided to let the cat out of the bag. This is after she made it public via her tiktok live, that  Nelly Oaks and her are dating, this is just few months after divorce with her ex swiss husband Omosh, who it was claimed that he is from Pakistan and not Swiss.

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Speaking during her live on Tiktok, Akothee was with NellyOaks, and she was referring to her as ‘Babe’. She openly said that she left Nelly to go and taste green waters, but now she is back and she is with Nelly forever.

” Nilikuwa na Omosh, lakini Roho Yangu Ilikuwa Hapa Kwa Nelly, Sahii nimerudiii, ni hadi Kifo” Akothee said, as she praises, Nelly for being her good soulmate. She said that Nelly is her personal person and they are together.

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Speaking on doing a wedding with Nelly, Akothee said that, it is a sure thing that her and Nelly will tie knots. However this time round things will be different.They will have a very private wedding, because of people with bad omen. She says that she is fearful and her wedding with Melly will be private.

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A section of Kenyans tried to warn her , as they feel that she moved on very fast. They think that she was supposed to relax after divorce, before moving on with NellyOaks. They think it is just a rebound, and not true love.

Akothee on the other hand she is very serious, and most of her time, she has been spending with Nelly. The two are just living their best live, and they have rekindled their love and ready to sail together in the journey as they enjoy love. All the best Akothee and NellyOaks.

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