“My Handsome Nigerian Boyfriend Alinipea mimi na marafiki wangu wawili Mechi Safi na Ukimwi ” 19 Years Old Girl Confesses.

It is like the level of immorality in Kenya, especially in Nairobi Kenya is very high. The sad thing is that the youths between 18 years to 25 years are the ones who are destroying their future at a very young age. Especially the university students, drugs and alcohol leading to immorality are taking over.

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A young girl aged between 19 years to 23 years caused stir online after opening up how her Nigerian boyfriend has infected her plus her two close friends HIV and AIDs.

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The young girl who choose to hide her identity, said that they went for clubbing, and that is where she met her perfect match. The handsome Nigerian man hitted up on her and won her heart. The young man was rich and he even bought for them drinks and treated them well.

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After that night the two started frequent meet ups which led to dating. They became a couple and started sleeping together. However after a while since it was unprotected intimacy, the young girl started showing weird signs.

She went to the hospital and she realised that she is HIV positive. She automatically knew that the boyfriend had infected her. But since she was already in love and the man was providing for her everything she decided to continue with the relationship .

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After a while she found out that her two best friends were sleeping with the man. They were snitching and doing it privately. She automatically knew that they have already been infected, because the man never advocate for safe intimacy.

The girl said that she is in a dilemma and confused on whether to tell the friends the truth, or to ignore , because for her she has already accepted her condition and she will stay with the guy till forever no matter what happens.

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