” Nimetoa Ball Mara Saba na My Boyfriend Is Encouraging Me to Continue” 20 Years Girl Reveals.

A young campus girl aged between 20 to 25 years old causi stir online, after she decided to open up on her immoral acts, and the dark things that she has been doing leading to her terminating seven pregnancies.

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The lady who choose to hide her face and identity, revealed this deep secret via YouTube channel, that gives people a chance to reveal their deepest secrets.
She said that she is a university student, who is in love with this one cute guy. She is deeply in love because the boy has fertile sperms, that have really helped him to glow, become smooth and develop a very nice figure.

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However for the period they have been dating and getting intimate, she has managed to get pregnant seven times. The most shocking part is that she has already terminated all the seven pregnancies.

However her boyfriend seems to be cool with it, and he has been encouraging her to do so. She realised abortion has its disadvantages, so when she tried to keep the seventh pregnancy, her boyfriend threatened to dump her.

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She was therefore forced to terminate it again. The young lady said that she is confused, because she is sure that she is at the risk of getting pregnant again, and the cycle might continue, because her boyfriend always wants her to terminate. She needs your advice .

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Click link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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