See How Smart  President William Ruto Sold  3000 Goats Each Ksh.13,000 In 10 Minutes Only.

Kenyan president William Ruto was a blessing of Baringo County, on 14 December, after he attended the ceremony that was meant special for selling goats, and promoting the residents of Baringo. Ruto led the selling process, and he did something that has never been done before.

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The goats that had been put on sell, were 3000 goats, and they were from different residents of Baringo County. William Ruto said that all those goats were to be bought by the senior government officials, and the crew that had came to support him.

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The president started by leading as an example, him and deputy president Rigathi Gachagua bought 1000 goats, each one of them they bought at  ksh.15000 . So him and Gachagua paid ksh.15 Million.

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He went ahead and shared a long list of cabinet secretaries led by Murkomen who bought 150 Goats, the members of parliament, members of county assembly, donors and other successful business people bought the remaining goats, which were 2000 goats and each one of them they bought at ksh.13000 .

Meaning they paid ksh.26 Million.
All the money was paid in cash. President William Ruto was able to raise ksh.41 Million in just a span of 10 Minutes for the people of Baringo. This was crazy, and the residents will never forget what the president has done for them. It was a huge boost an an early Christmas gift for them.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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