Crazy Kennar Mourns The Death Of His Newborn Son

Death has stricken the famous and most celebrated  kenyan comedian and king of vines and tales, Crazy Kennars family, and robbed them their bundle of joy, at a very critical time.

During the major day of his first ever stand up comedy show known as the happy country, The room went silent for a while, and everyone was mourning, after Kennar announced that they had lost their newborn just four days to the show.

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Kennar and his girlfriend Natalie Asewe, were expecting their bundle of joy, and they had decided to keep it low-key. However Kennar revealed that all was well till their newborn baby died. This was a very difficult moment for him and his family.

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Keeping in mind he was preparing for the mega show, off which he had to deliver to the best. He covered pain with smile, and prepared for the show. The show was sold out and celebrities came up to support him.

The whole crew was with Kennar they sympathised with him, and gave him a sense of hope. It is indeed painful to loose your blood. We hope all shall be well and wish Kennar and Natalie well during this difficult moment.

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Crazy Kennar was able to continue with his performance, and the happy country which was foe a moment a sad hour, regained it’s momentum and the comedian did what he always does to his level best, and it was indeed a great show.

Click the link below to watch full video on Instagram.

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