How to Farm Kienyeji Poultry In Kenya and Make Millions Of Money.

Kienyejiii Poultry Farming in Kenya

Poultry farming is one of the most profitable business in Kenya, however most people do fear it because of several challenges, especially the expenses . What people don’t know is that this is a business that can easily make you a millionaire.

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Kalvine Rown is one of the farmers who are very successful in the field of poultry farming. He resides in Kitengela area, and he has ventured into Kienyejiii poultry farming. He keeps, Kari which is a special breed of improved Kienyejiii.

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There are several breeds of chicken, but Kalvin said that he prefers Kari because , unlike some of the local breeds,Kari improved Kienyeji breeds have higher disease resistance. Another advantage is that this Kienyeji breeds, just like the local breeds, do not have to be fed on commercial feeds.

The middle aged man said that there are various things you need to do before you become a successful poultry farmer in Kenya. First you need to identify a conducive environment where to build the chickens house.

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The area should open and the house should be built from East to West, because of lighting and  the house should have huge ventilation. On the floor of the house, a farmer should put saw dust, so that they can be absorbing moisture hence preventing the chicken from getting sick.

He said that after building a good house , and doing the setting inside very well, the farmer should now start focusing on vaccinations. It is very important to vaccinate your chicken frequently, especially from Newcastle disease’s which can easily finish all your investment.

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Rown said that for him he is very keen on vaccination, and  he do hutch chicks on his own, hence he is aware of the age of his chicks and when they are supposed to be vaccinated .

Kalvine said for his kienyejiii chicken, he start selling from chicks to big chicken. For example
KARI Improved Kienyeji Chicken: 1 day old chick @ 100/-, 2 weeks @150/-, 3 weeks @ 200/-, 1 month @ 250/.

From a month there they usually do stop selling and focus on feeding the chicks more so that they can sell them when they mature. For the improved Kienyejiii, it is important to mix some Greens, especially Sukuma Wiki with feeds for the eggs to have that yellow york and also it helps them to be more resistant to diseases.

If you are keen, you will notice that there is no way Kalvine can go broke. He sells chicks, eggs , and mature chicken. In Kenya or all over the world, the price of Kienyejiii breed is usually high.

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A Kienyejiii egg cost between ksh.20 to 30, and a full grown Kienyeji Chicken cost between Ksh.1000 to Ksh.2500 . Meaning that if you venture into this business well, you can easily become a millionaire because chicken is a favourite meal for many people.

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