Manzi Wa Kibera  Offers Ksh.3000 Shopping to Her 66 Years Old Ex Boyfriend.

Manzi Wa Kibera vows to help her ex boyfriend.

Manzi wa Kibera finally decided to speak up for the first time, after she parted ways, with her 66 years old boyfriend. This is after the boyfriend went viral online, complaining that he is broke, and that Manzi Wa Kibera used him and dumped him.

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Manzi wa Kibera said that the boyfriend was the one who dumped her. Therefore she thought that maybe he has got a better deal, that is why she also decided to move on quickly. The socialite started dating a 75 years old man, and she claimed that the boyfriend is indeed her perfect match.

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Concerning the situation of her 66 years old ex boyfriend, Manzi wa Kibera sympathised with him. She said that she didn’t know that Mzee was really struggling to get money so that he can spoil her.

Manzi Wa Kibera vows to help her ex boyfriend.
Manzi Wa Kibera vows to help her ex boyfriend.

She said that he doesn’t deserve to suffer. She will therefore come through for him . Manzi Wa Kibera said that she will start by giving him a shopping worth ksh.3000, just to help him manuver through the month of January.

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Manzi Wa Kibera went on and said that, she knows she is her ex , but no one deserves to suffer, therefore him together with her 75 years old boyfriend, will come through for Mzee, and they just hope he will cooperate. They are willing to atleast transform his life to a certain level they are capable of.

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