She Left USA To Become A Street Hawker In Kenya, All For The Love of A Kisii Man.

Story of Sylvia and Calvin Koore Bichanga

Love is s very strong feeling from the heart, and true love can make someone make some unexpected things to satisfy their heart and also spirit of adventure. Silvya Miller snf Calvin Bichanga are a couple that was formed on the basis of true and real love.

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Silvya who hails from Ohio State narrated how she decided to abandon her home to come and get married to a Kenyan man , Calvin Bichanga,who is from Kisii but stays in Kisumu.

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Their love life started way back, Silvya said that he is from the amish religion, and their culture is linked to the church. Her father is a man of God. He secured a chance to come and minister the word of God in Kenya, Kisumu area.

They left their matrimonial home and all their wealth in the hands of her uncle. They came to Nairobi, before shifting to Kisumu. It was a good and also shocking adventure for Silvya who saw some of new things in her life.

Fast forward when they were in Kisumu, Silvya happened to go to a certain tech shop, where they had gone to fix his father’s laptop, and here is where he met this handsome guy, Calvin Bichanga.
She said it was love at the first sight, when she saw him her legs started to tremble and she knew automatically this was the one. She had to find a way to shoot her shot and win the heart of this handsome Kisii man.

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Silvya became a stalker and she managed to get the Instagram handle of Bichanga, and she slid into his DM, they started talking. It all started by her asking him to look for a person who can buy her iPhone.

One thing led to another, till they exchanged their numbers and started talking frequently. She however joined a mission school, and also her culture wasn’t allowing her to marry outside. Amish are very unique and strict with their culture.

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When her parents noticed that she was seeing a black man, who wasn’t from her culture , they were very mad at her. She was forced to go silent for a while, but it wasn’t possible, she missed Bichanga, and nature did its thing, because it always bring them together.

Sylvia and Calvin Koore Bichanga
Sylvia and Calvin Koore Bichanga

Despite her parents taking her phone away to cut off their conversation, whenever she went to Kisumu town, whether with parents or friends, she kept on meeting Bichanga unexpectedly.
That was a clear sign that they were meant together. When she completed her mission, she went back to USA. While there Silvyia was missing Bichanga and opened up to her parents, told them that she is in love and she would like to get married to this kenyan man.

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It was a hard decision for their parents to make, but they later gave her a greenlight.She sold her car in USA, and left her cleaning job, to come and get married to Bichanga.

The two started life together, however in 2021, things became difficult, Silvyia went broke, and life was like hell. Calvins work wasn’t giving him enough money. Being a good wife , Silyvia together with her white friend started selling Chai Mandazi in the streets of Kisumu.

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This is when she waa caught on Camera and her videos and photos went viral, giving her the name , ” Mzungu wa mandazi’. She gained massive fame.
They decided to use this fame in a positive way, they opened a youtube channel, and started content about their lifestyle. The channel is identified as Silvyia and Koore Bichanga.

They have been making  money from YouTube and their life has transformed , they are optimy that they will build their dream ksh.5 Million house soon. The two are doing well on YouTube and they are waiting for Calvin’s documents for them to go to USA  for the first time.

Just a reminder they tied knots through a colourful wedding, both parents attended, and they received blessings from both of them, they are a happy couple, and they have alot of dreams to achieve together. All the best Silvyia and Calvin Bichanga.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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