I Dropped Out of Law School For Comedy and I Have Made Millions From it.

Doctor Ofweneke Reveals that he dropped out of law school for comedy.


Dr Ofweneke is one of the best Comedians, Mcee and also Tv host in Kenya. He is among the celebrities who rose from grass to grace. He trusted the process and later made it in life .

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What people don’t know is that , Ofweneke could have been among senior lawyers in this country if he couldn’t have dropped from law school. Speaking in one of the interviews, Ofweneke said that his dream was to become a lawyer but he decided to quit and concentrate on comedy.

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The comedian who is from Kakamega, Ikonyero said that he attended 4 highschool including Lubinu boys, before joining the Kenyan school of law to pursue his dream.

However during this time he used to hustle as a comedian and used to get gigs. He however decided to drop out of the law school while a 3rd year, remaining with only 1 year to graduate and focused on comedy.

He was very determined and he eventually made it to the biggest comedy show in Kenya , Which is Churchill show. His Nigerian ascend made him a bigger brand and started getting endorsement deals. He got Mcees jobs and also got a job at standard media group. Where he used to host Ofweneke night.

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He doesn’t regret dropping out of the law school because he has made it in life through comedy. Ofweneke is now a big brand and he is living a very lavish life because of his talent. He is a Tv host at Tv 47 where he is also paid handsomely.

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