How Kenyans Have Lost  Millions of Money to  Fake Forex Traders.

See how Kenyans are loosing millions of money to fake forex traders.

A good number of Kenyans have lost millions of money to fake forex traders. The main reason is  having a pressure to become Millionaires over night.

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Especially the  current  generation ,
everyone wants to make it in life without struggling. Scammers have used this opportunity to loot millions of money  from them.

Forex is a very legit online trading business , alot of young  youths have made it in life through it. They are driving Expensive cars and living a lavish life as a result of trading online. So this has led to peer pressure among their fellow youths who are still struggling in life.

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So the IT scammers have realised that most young people in Kenya have the urge of becoming millionaires overnight. Forex is among the online businesses that can make them Millionaires.

However a good number of young people don’t know how to trade . They are too lazy to go for forex course and get to understand it . The Scammers now came in at this point and most of them create fake web based applications.

They usually come with better offers and they entice young people, convincing them to sent money to them so that they can trade on their behalf. I mean they act as brokers. There are legit brokers and also fake brokers.

So after someone has sent the money to them, they block the person and never pick their calls again. Others usually win the trust of young people by paying back the profits they made.

So  when they sent next time money and the brokers learn that they have made lots of profit, they usually delete their fake web based applications , close them down with peoples money and the money disappears like that.

Lots of young people have fallen victim of this fake forex traders. The latest one is a company that was being influenced by Presenter Ali. They conned both Presenter Ali and a good number of Kenyans who had sent them money to trade on their behalf.

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Kenyans please be careful and avoid the forex brokers, a good number of them are fake and if you sent them money to trade for you, there are chances that money vanishing.
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