“Pray for Bahati, Ako na Stress Mob Sana” Bahati’s Close Friend Reveals what is Happening.

Musician Kevin Bahati battling with stress.

One of the closest friend of Kevin Bahati, Tripple S  has revealed Bahati is battling with stress. Tripple S who is also a musician, has come out openly to reveal what is going on. Since loosing the Mathare MP seat, musician Kevin Bahati , has been missing online . He doesn’t post on his social media pages, it is a month already.

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Her wife Diana also has taken a social media break. However through her last Instagram post , it seems like things aren’t well. The couple seems to be going through alot .

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Speaking through an interview with Trudy Kitui, Tripple S who is among Bahati’s crew, has revealed that currently Bahati is going through alot. He said that the musician is stressed and battling with personal issues. He has isolated himself from social media and limelight so that he can calm down the pressures.

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Tripple S however said that there are also other personal issues that are happening between Bahati and Diana, and he can’t expose them.

Kevin Bahati
Kevin Bahati Crying/courtesy

He just urged Kenyans to pray for the couple and said that he is optimistic that things will be well. He however insinuated that there seem to be a split between the two, but he didn’t come out clearly about it.

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