Andrew Kibe: Why I Hate My Mum and Dad

Andrew Kibe exposes his Mum and Dad

One of the most famous and controversial kenyan celebrity and critic , Andrew Kibe has finally decided to reveal the reason why he is always bitter with women and why all his relationship have been failing.

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Speaking via his own YouTube channel, Kibe decided to respond to women who have been always asking him about the person who hurt him. You all know that Kibe is always against women and also he likes criticizing couples who seems to be living good life on social media.

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The former radio presenter , said that his mum and Dad is the reason why he is always bitter, and they are the ones who made him start seeing the world in a different perspective, especially women.

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He said that his mother was evil, crazy and that is the reason why he used the hate her. He however said that he has forgiven her, but the things she used to do for him he won’t forget. Kibe said that all his relationships have been failing because he always choose crazy women like his mum.

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When it comes to his father, Kibe said that he was very weak, and he couldn’t even protect him against his evil and crazy mother. He said they were both ‘punny’ , and they are the ones who made him not to care while criticizing people.

The content creator said that they sorted issues and he forgave them, but he can’t shy from saying the truth about them. They are the reason why his relationships have been failing, especially his mother.

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Kibe said that most men usually tend to date women who have same characteristics like their mother, because the first woman they usually fall in love with is their mother. So that is the reason why he has been choosing crazy women, who are dramatic and within a short period things end up in premium tears.

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