Mambo Imechemka, Krg The Don Fails To Show Up For DNA Test.

Singer Krg The Don fails to show up for DNA Test.


Krg The Don fails to show up for DNA Test
Krg The Don fails to show up for DNA Test

The story of Krg the Don and her alleged Baby Mama and daughter took a new twist after the self proclaimed billionaire failed to show up for the most awaited DNA test, that was to reveal the truth , on whether Yvonne Njoki is his daughter or not.

The three were to meet at Kiambu road , have a short meeting and then proceed to go and do the DNA test and let Kenyans know the truth.

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Nicholas Kioko called Krg the Don before starting an interview with Yvonne Njoki and her mum. Krg picked the phone and assured him that he will be at the venue in ten minutes then time. Kioko proceeded with the interview as they wait for Krg. After 20 Minutes lapsed, he decided to call Krg the Don, the musician was hanging up the call.

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Kioko tried to call him several times, but none of the calls was successful. This was a clear indication that Krg won’t show up for the test, maybe he is fearing something.

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Yvonne’s mother felt disappointed, because she was very ready to prove to Kenyans that she is Krg The Don’s Baby Mama. She said that Krg knows the truth and he is just pretending. She even revealed the names Krg was being called back then.

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Despite being disappointed by Krg , Yvonne and her mum, said that they won’t give up, they will make sure that the truth is revealed, and they will try as much as possible to convince Krg so that they can all go for a DNA test.

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In the previous interview, Krg said that he doesn’t care about the DNA results, whether they are positive or negative, he will still take care of Yvonne and make sure that she goes to school and everything is fine.

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