TruthWatchdog: How Nairobi Archives Thieves Have Conned Kenyans Over ksh.11.2 Million.

How Nairobi Archives Thieves have conned Kenyans Millions of Money.

One of the most famous Kenyan YouTuber, TruthWatchdog has exposed how Nairobi archives thieves have conned Kenyans over ksh.11.2 Million. The alleged thieves use the name of the famous brand to entice Kenyans before they fall into their trap and later con them lots of money.

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Speaking via a video on his youtube channel, Watchdog said that. There are tens of thousands of cases that have been reported to the police officers about the thieves but nothing has happened.

For those who don’t know what happens at Archives and how people are conned here is it. So there is a group of people, who always park there car there and they start enticing people with free shirts.

They usually manage to convince a good number of them and they promise them laptops or tablets. They usually ask them some amount of money. When you send that money, they give you the package, but when you reach home , you find out it is something different compared to what you expected.

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This has been happening for years. Watchdog revealed that so far the crew has been able to con kenyans over ksh.11.2 Million. They have been arrested several times but released.

According to the YouTuber, it is alleged that the group is well connected with people in the deep state. It is just an a big organisation that includes powerful people .

Watchdog alleged that the crew is involved in money laundering activities ( WashWash). So they usually use this as a means if validating their money.

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The YouTuber said that It is time for Kenyans to be very careful and be aware that people are being conned at Archives. He said that the chances of those people being arrested are very low , because they are untouchable.

Click here to watch full video on YouTube.

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