How Fred Arocho is Making Millions of Money From Uber Businesses.

Radio Presenter,Fred Arocho Making Millions from Uber Business

Famous sports commentator in Kenya Fred Arocho has opened up on his side business apart from football and Radio. Arocho has gained fame due to his football commentary and analytics at Radio Jambo.

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Fred is also working for Odi Bets and he is among the top brand ambassadors of the company. His experience in football matters made him get a job and he is earning a six figure salary from the company.

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He is also employed at Radio Africa and he has been working at Radio Jambo for almost 15 years. Sources have revealed that Fred Arocho earns about ksh. 200,000 per month.

How Fred Arocho is Making Millions of Money From Uber Businesses.

Speaking in an interview with 2mbili Tv , Fred Arocho revealed that he is into Uber Business. He revealed that he currently owns six uber cars . All of this cars bring money on daily basis. However he didn’t reveal the amount of money they pay him daily, but in general the business is doing well and he is making alot of profit.

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Fred linked all his success to football and said that all the investments he has is because of football. He revealed that because of football his son is now on a sponsorship deal in USA and the organisation sponsoring him, has already paid ksh.16 million to cater for him for 4 years in USA.

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