Aisha Jumwa: I dropped out of School in Form 2 and Got Married, My Dowry was ksh.10,000.

Story of Aisha Jumwa.

Aisha Jumwa is one of the fearless female politicians in Kenya. She is from Kilifi County  and the cabinet secretary for gender (2022). Most of the coastal people compare Jumwa to Mekatilili Wa Menza, because of her energy in politics.

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However her journey to success wasn’t easy. She has been through alot keeping in mind she was born in a humble background. Her and all her other 9 siblings were shared among relatives so atleast they can be taken to school.

Jumwa said that she was forced to drop out of the school while in form 2 . They had already organised a marriage for her. So she got married to a fisherman. The two started life together  and they were even blessed with 3 kids.

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Things started going left when Aisha Jumwa joined politics. She became more popular and her financial muscles became stronger. Her fisherman husband wasn’t happy with the idea.

Through the intervention of his people who told him that if he moves to Aisha’s house he will be like a married man. His husband decided to ask for a divorce. So one of the requirements was Aisha to payback the dowry.

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This was the end of their relationship. Aisha y said that her dowry was ksh. 10,000, so she hustled and returned the dowry to the husband. Aisha then decided to focus on politics.She had no limitations because she was single and depending on her own decision.

She became more popular in Kilifi and started hanging out with the likes of Raila Odinga. Aisha won the member of parliament seat in her constituency. She then tried the gubernatorial seat in 2022 , but she was defeated by her competitor.

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Because she was among the strong supporters and campaigners of William Ruto, she was rewarded a cabinet job. Ruto nominated Aisha as the cabinet secretary for gender.

This is a very special gift to her for maintaining her loyalty to UDA and president William Ruto. Aisha Jumwa is still single , and ready to mingle with any man who thinks can handle her.

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