CassyPool Exposes Krg The Don For Having 19 Children Unveiled

CassyPool exposes Krg The Don

One of the most famous and celebrated content creator CassyPool, who gained fame in 2023, is among the celebrities who have reacted to Krg’s story with his alleged Baby Mama Susan Wanjiru Njoki.

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CassyPool who is among the social media enemies of Krg the Don, despite them burying their hatchets few months ago, said that Krg the Don has alot of children in this country. He alleged that the singer used to cheat alot when with his wife whom they divorced in 2022.

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According to CassyPool, Krg the Don has atleast 19 children and all those are just behind the scenes. He has never introduced them to his family or on his social media platforms. CassyPool said that Krg even has 2kids in Bungoma, one in Embu and one in Kisii. In Nairobi they are several.

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CassyPool said that Krg has only one option, to support all his Baby Mama’s and their children, or else they will come to embarrass him on social media, the way Yvonne’s mother has done.
He said that Krg is wealthy, and he has alot of money, hence he is capable of providing for all his children and make sure they all live a very good life.

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The things CassyPool said, are just similar to the statements made by Dufla Diligon , during an interview with Mungai Eve. Dufla who is the closest friend to Krg The Don, said that Krg has alot of children, and whenever he hangs out with him,Krg is usually on phone calls, sending money and paying school fees. He said that it might be true that Yvonne is his daughter.

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