Biography of Dr King’ori: From Living in a Mabati House to Making Millions of Money in the media Industry.

Biography of Dr.King'ori.

The Biography of Dr King’ori well known as Felix Omondi is very inspiring. The media personality and the host of Wicked edition at NTV really struggled his way up.

He was raised by an alcoholic father but he was determined that one day he will be great. God answered his prayers and he is among the best media personalities in Kenya.

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Biography of Dr King’ori.

Background .
He was born in 1992 in Ugunja ,Nyanza region. Though most of his life he has spend outside his matrimonial home. He was raised in Embu, Blue Value. He has siblings and he is also a family man, he has a very beautiful daughter. In total he has two children though his family life is very private.

Raised By Alcoholic Father.

The comedian revealed in an interview with Lynn Ngugi, that his father is an alcoholic. This was among the things that made their family to struggle. Her mother had to do alot to sustain the family. King’ori said childhood life wasn’t that easy. However all the hardships he went through, he managed to go to secondary school and finished .

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Living in a Mabati House .

While in Embu they used to live in a Mabati rental house. King’ori even showed the house in an interview with Lynn Ngugi. He said that  house made him to be more focused on his dreams so that one day he could change the life of his background.
He said that even sometimes he felt ashamed of their house and even showing it to his friends, wasn’t an easy task.


After finishing form four, King’ori decided to go to Nairobi to hustle. He had an option of becoming a carpenter like his father, but according to him , that wasn’t his path. He started doing setbooks acting , he later advanced and started doing comedy professionally in 2010.

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Very few people believed in him and even some said that comedy won’t pay him. He tried his first luck by presenting an idea to NTV . However things went left because he was unable to shoot the pilot segment of his idea due to lack of money.

After a while, his neighbor’s friends offered him a few bucks to write jokes for GBS TV. He did his best and won the competition alongside JB Masanduku. Due to his talent, Captain Otoyo approached him, to write for the offshore and they had 69 amazing and successful episodes.

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He also worked at Churchill show for a while . Larry Madowo who was then working at NTV and hosting the famous show known as the Trend, spotted King’ori and gave him a segment in his show. He mentored him and made him focused on his dreams.
By the grace of the lord, his show that he had earlier presented to NTV was accepted. The Wicked edition was given a slot , and he started hosting it . The show is still amazing and existing upto date ( 2022).

Nation FM Presenter.

Nation media advanced and launched a radio station, where he was also given a chance.Dr King’ori co-hosts the morning show with Cate on Nation FM.

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His salary at the Aga Khan owned media house is estimated at ksh. 300,000 to 400,000 per month.

His Lifestyle and Networth.

He is a successful business man and has several business premises in the city. King’ori also has a fleet of cars , that includes Mercedes Benz E Class and a Range Rover. He is living a lavish lifestyle in one of the surbubs in Nairobi.

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