Every Man Dated Me Dies After 3 Months, 5 Men Have Died After Dating Me.

The story of Gloria is very shocking. This middle aged woman is currently facing criticism in the society, with a section of people believing that she is a witch, this is after 5 men died, just after 3 months of dating her.

Gloria was born and raised in Congo, she went to a normal school just like other normal children. She had hopes of making it in life, and also have a beautiful family, which is a wish of many human beings.

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She used  to fall in love for fun, but a time reached when she found the love of her life. They dated for sometime, and did a very lavish wedding, however after 3 months of marriage, her husband was involved in a tragic accident that claimed his life.

Gloria was sad but she believed maybe it was Gods plan for it to happen that way. She stayed single for a while before meeting the love of his life again. They dated for three months and the man also died.

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She was shocked but she had not sensed something, till this happened to the third and 4rd boyfriend. Who also died just after dating her for 3 months.

Gloria decided to stay single and figure out what was the problem.She stayed single for several years, till 2023 when she again decided to give love a chance. She had an urge of being called mum.

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However after 3 months the boyfriend had a severe headache, and she decided to take him to hospital, but unfortunately he couldn’t make it. He died. What a bad luck for Gloria.

Every Man Dated Me Dies After 3 Months, 5 Men Have Died After Dating Me.
Every Man Dated Me Dies After 3 Months, 5 Men Have Died After Dating Me.

She couldn’t convince the community that she isn’t a witch, and all the blames are directed to her. Gloria doesn’t  know why her and why this always happens to her. She doesn’t kill her boyfriend they just die mysteriously.

She said that she has decided to seek God through church, and the pastor who has been praying to her, they said they are trying their best to deliver her, and hopefully everything will he fine.

Here is the video link.

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