” Hauna Hata Mtoto Mmoja Wewe Toto” Krg The Don Bash Otile Brown.

The beef between Krg the Don and Otile Brown is getting nasty. The two musicians have been throwing shade at each other and now things seems to be getting more personal.

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It all started by Otile Brown for criticizing all the East African artist, and saying that there is no an international musician in East Africa.Krg The Don decided to respond to Otile.

He responded in a harsh way saying that he helped Otile Brown to become famous, and even allowed him to use his studio and producer for free, and Otile has never appreciated him, yet he is talking bad about East Africa musician. He even went on and said that he is more wealthy than Otile Brown.

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Otile responded back with a quote saying that if you kill a snake make sure it is dead. Krg was in a haste to respond and he literally bashed him. He called him a youn boy who is still in his teen error. He went to an extent of telling Otile that he has no child and he is thinking of death.
Krg told Otile that he is too childish , and that is why he is behaving that way. The two continued to bash each other. It seems it gonna be a very nasty beef and as usual Krg always wants to win and it will just be nasty.

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