China Cat Farm: Why Chinese Farmer Raise Millions of Cat For Delicious Meat.

Cats are oftenly considered as pets and good human companions, for quite a long time activits across the world and also in China have been at the forefront of advocating for the end of cat slaughtering.

This even made the government of China to come up with some rules on dealing with this issue, and even considered the slaughtering as inhumane, though it is difficult to shut down all the slaughter houses from operating.

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The government also warned its netizens from eating cat meat because it might be poisonous, though it didn’t declare it illegal, that is why there are some provinces that Cat slaughtering take place.

It is estimated that yearly about 4 Million cats are slaughtered in China. The cats are reared in cages, till they mature well, then they are slaughtered. The killing process is inhuman since some are thrown in water, so they die a painful death.

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The meat is then prepared well and served as a delicious meal. Mostly the older people are the ones who enjoy the meat, and they believe that the meat is important to their health especially during the summer period.

The cat restaurant are seldomly found in major towns in China because the current generation doesn’t advocate for the killing of cats. However in some provinces there are many slaughter houses and operate openly.

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The current generation have started adopting cat to prevent them from being slaughtered and there are also efforts from activists to end this habit, though it will take time, but it will eventually end in future.
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