From Fame To Farm: The Sad Downfall Of Musician Vivian.

Vivian is one of the music legends in Kenya, she dominated the music industry of kenya few years ago, and she was arguably one of the best female musicians in Kenya, with a very sweet voice. She changed the gane and also set a bar higher for the upcoming artist.

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Vivian rose to fame around 2016 when she realised  her collaboration with Chameleon that was known as Charm. That was a very dope Collaboration that changed everything, and even Kenyans started noticing her more. She again dropped other dope songs such as Attention and Chumchum, chingichanga  and many others.

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His life became more of public interest after her ex Sam West  proposed to Vivian in 2017 on live TV. During a 10 over 10 show. This went viral online and Kenyans as usually started  focusing on their love life.

Section of people believe her dating Sam West was the beginning of all the problems that followed her later in life. She however continued to drop hitsongs, and even during the time Gengetone waa trending, that is during the 2018 to 2020, she did secret lover hitsong with Mejja Genge and madtraxx.

As at 2024, that was her last hitsong. The song was done in 2019. She also did a song with Stevo Simple Boy , and also with Prezzo. They were all good songs. In 2023, Vivian tried to make a comeback in the music industry by doing a collaboration with Sossuun, but the song didn’t perform well. 1 year on YouTube it has only managed to get 181K views.

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There are alot of stories surrounding the decline of Vivians music stories. Some alleged that Sam West might have played a role in making this happen. It was alleged that Sam was so insecure to an extent he had to attend all video shoots of  Vivian and he is the one who could tell any artists on how they should touch his fiance.
He even had a conflict sometimes back with Savara.The Cheza Chini songs that Naiboi featured savara and Vivian. It was reported that some didn’t like the way Savara touched Vivian.

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There relationship continued facing challenges, and during the COVID period alot of things happened. At some point it was even said that the two had a physical conflict. Alot of things were said till they announced that things fell apart in September 2022. This is after in 2021, the singer noted that marriage was hard work which was different from the honeymoon phase.

From Fame To Farm: The Sad Downfall Of Musician Vivian.
From Fame To Farm: The Sad Downfall Of Musician Vivian.

Speaking in one of the interviews with 2 Mbili Vivian said after breakup , Moving on wasn’t that easy. She had to really become strong for herself and improved his connection with God. She also decided to continue with his studies, and lucky enough she managed to heal.
Vivian started a podcast that was doing very well, but took some break ( 9 months ago, as at 2024).  The reason she took a break is not known. But through her Instagram stories she is doing well, she is always spotted happy.

What Kenyans are missing from her, is her music, and her downfall musically, was something that Kenyans didn’t expect to happen that way. We are still optimistic that she will make a comeback, she was a star and she can still bounce back than she never left.

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