Abel Mutua : How We Made ksh. 2.5 Million From Click Click Bang Movie in 1 day only.

Abel Mutua Narrates How They Made ksh. 2.5 Million From Click Click Bang Movie in 1 day only


The kenya movie culture is back again. Abel Mutua and the whole crew of Philit productions, have Released the best movie ever called Click Click Bang. It is one of the best Kenyan movies ever.

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About The Click Click Bang Movie

Click Click Bang Movie
Click Click Bang Movie /Photo Courtesy

This is a crime movie and the script was wrote by Abel Mutua. The movie is about ghetto and crime scenes in ghetto. It basically demonstrates how ghetto life is tough and all the evil things that happen in the streets. The main actors of Click Click Bang are Basil, Isaboke, Awinja Nyamwalo, Amina Hussein and Khaligraph Jones. The movie is produced by Philit productions.

Production Cost of the Movie.

In one of the interviews. Abel Mutua said that production of the movie was very expensive. Abel said they had a crew of almost 300 people. Everyone on the set needed to be paid, so they spent a lot of money. Abel Mutua said in the production of the Movie costed them ksh. 6 Million.

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How they made ksh. 2.5 Million From the Movie in 1 day only.

So after Finishing everything. Abel Mutua and the crew decided to come up with a new way of consuming their content. So they decided to do screening of Click Click Bang movie at Nairobi Cinema. They were selling the tickets at ksh. 1000 per individual.

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They were so keen with their mathematics, so they took the biggest hall which has the capacity of 850 people. So in one day they did 3 screenings. In those all screenings the hall was full. Meaning that they made ksh. 2.5 Million from selling tickets only in 1 day.

How they will make more profit from the Movie.

Abel Mutua and the team have plans of making more profit from the movie. They will have other 3 or 4 screenings of the Click Click Bang Movie in other cities. By the end of their movie tour, they are targeting to make profit for the production of their next film.

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Selling the links of the movie.

After they are done with the screening, They will avail the Click Click Bang Movie on their website. People will also have to buy it from the website. It is a secure website and they will make millions of money from selling the links.

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