How A Female Police officer Caught Abel Mutua Urinating Inside His Car, 3.3 M Benz.

Abel Mutua Urinating Inside Mercedes Benz

Abel Mutua urinating inside car, is one of the weird things he has ever done . Abel decided to light up internet after narrating a very funny story on how a female police officer along one of the busy highways in the city watched him relieving himself inside his expensive Mercedes Benz.

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Speaking in an interview with 2mbili during the famous celeb ride show where celebrities get to show off their cars as they reveal secrets and other relevant information that they feel there fans need to know. Abel Mutua said that the weird thing he has ever done in his car was urinating.

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Abel said that he had gone to attend a birthday party along Jogoo road and he made a mistake of drinking alot of water and like 2 bottles of sodas. Because the washrooms were full, he decided to leave knowing that in a span of 25 minutes he will be at his house.

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However this didn’t happen because of the traffic jam along jogoo road and his bladder was under pressure and even drops of urine had started coming out. After staying on traffic jam for 45 minutes, Abel Mutua said enough is enough, and he picked a bottle, removed his penis and started urinating inside it.Abel Mutua Urinating inside car is something that can happen to anybody.

As soon as he had started the traffic jam opened up, and the female police officer who was controlling the jam started wondering why his car wasn’t moving yet the jam had opened up. His car windows were not yet well tinted, so when the police came along, he was shocked to see Abel Mutua urinating in a bottle.

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Abel was caught in the act, he didn’t stop, the police calmed down, and waited for him to finish. She told Abel that she has seen everything and warned him against throwing the bottle along the road. She was a good madam so she just let him go and that is how Abel managed to do one of the weird things inside his Mercedes Benz.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube (courtesy of 2mbili tv).


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