Kevin Bahati: Diana Hukawia Sana Before Anipee twa twa

Kevin Bahati Reveals 1 thing that bores him about his wife Diana Marua.

Kevin Bahati and Diana Marua’s marriage is just like the other marriages. The only difference is that they are celebrities, but they are humans. They also experience challenges that other marriages experience, but they handle them amicably.

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Kevin Bahati on why he loves Diana.

Bahati and Diana have been together for about 6 years. In that period, the power couples have been blessed with 2 children. They are currently expecting their third born few months to come(2022).

Kevin Bahati
Kevin Bahati and his pregnant wife Diana Marua / Photo Courtesy.

Kevin Bahati said that the main reason he decided to fall in love with Diana, is that he needed a beautiful woman, who is slightly older than him.

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Bahati said Diana is older than him with 3 years, and she has really helped him to mature and be a responsible husband. Kevin Bahati said Diana is a caring woman and a mother fugure. He said he is just a blessing to him and together they have achieved a lot of goals.

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Bahati on what Bores him about Diana.

Kevin Bahati said there relationship has more good moments as compared to bad moments. However there is no any perfect relationship. someone must have that one thing that bores him or her About their partner.

Speaking in an interview with Ofweneke. Bahati said that the only thing that bores him about Diana, is that she takes long before satisfying his conjugal rights. He said she takes 2 to 3 days.
“kitu hunibore na Diana ni labda yeye hukawia sana before anigeeish. Hukawai about 2 to 3 days ndio anipee, and that is somehow long” Kevin Bahati said.

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In all other things the couple is okay. They are eagerly waiting to welcome their bundle of joy  by the end of 2022.

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