Anderson Odhiambo Alleges: I Was Promised Ksh.100,000 for False Testmony at Pastor Ezekiel’s Church.

Anderson Odhiambo narrates how he was promised ksh.100,000 to give a false testimony at Pastor Ezekiel's Church.

A follower of Pastor Ezekiel identified as Anderson Odhiambo , has come out openly to allege to the public , that the testimony he gave at Pastor Ezekiel’s Church, and went viral on social media was just a false testimony, and he did it because he was promised a huge amount of money.

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Anderson who is based in Ukunda, said that, when he heard that Pastor Ezekiel was healing people, he decided to go and prove if it is true. The young man claimed that he decided to use the tricks of former Jicho Pevu investigative journalist, Mohammed Ali.

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He therefore went to pastor Ezekiel’s church, approached some of the ushers, one who was identified as Pastor Maraga, showed them a picture of him in 2019, where he had a problem with his eye, and it was bleeding.

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The usher told him, that the photo will really help them to do their thing, Anderson said that they agreed that he will give a false testimony that Ezekiel was the one who healed his eye, and this will really help the church to gain fame.
He went on and do as he was told, because he had been promised ksh.100,000 for saying that testimony.

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Anderson even went on and shared a video of him giving that testimony live at Pastor Ezekiels church and followers cheered at him.

Anderson Odhiambo
Anderson Odhiambo narrating how he was promised ksh.100,000 for false testimony at Pastor Ezekiel’s Church

He said that he was shocked, but since it was business and also an undercover mission , he just did what he had to do. After finishing the task he wasn’t paid that money, he requested for sometime but no feedback was given to him.

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He decided to start helping the church to supply its water at a fee, because the bottle costs about ksh. 100 and the handkerchief too . They agreed that he will be doing that work as he pays himself.

While doing this work he also decided to try if it is true the water is blessed. So he exchanged one bottle of water with the normal water and packaged it to a client, who later called him back to thank him and said that she gave her child the water and healed.

Keep in mind that was normal water and not blessed water. Odhiambo then concluded that everything that was happening there wasn’t real, he claimed that Pastor Ezekiel is fake.

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Anderson alleged that while at the church he used to see people die, and being  taken to mortuary. He said that his efforts to be paid his money have failed several times, the church secretly framed him, and the police were following him all over claiming that he is a thief.

Anderson had alot to say, but he urged Kenyans to be careful and avoid believing in human being, according to him, Ezekiel is just doing business and not ministry as many people think.

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