CassyPool: Ringtone Apoko Ameshinda Diamond Platnumz Kwa Kiingereza na Hela.

CassyPool explains why Ringtone is Richer than Diamond Platnumz.

The famous business man, content creator and politician who tried to vie for presidency in 2022, CassyPool decided to threw a shade to Diamond Platnumz , as he compared him with Ringtone Apoko.

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According to Cassy Pool, there is no way Tanzania or Uganda can compared to Kenya. He said that kenyan shillings have more value as compared to Tanzanian Shillings, therefore they should respect Kenyans because it is easier for a Kenyan to be richer in Tanzania.

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CassyPool said that one of the richest person in Tanzania is Musician Diamond Platnumz, who owns a mansion in Masaki. But in Kenya, Ringtone Apoko alone, is richer than diamond Platnumz.

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He has alot of money as compared to Diamond and he lives in an expensive mansion in Runda, that is worth more millions as compared to Diamond Platnumz’s mansion.

In addition to this CassyPool said that Ringtone Apoko is ahead of Diamond Platnumz when it comes to speaking English, he is way better as compared to Wasafi CEO and all the other musicians of Tanzania.

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CassyPool said it is high time that people should stop comparing Kenya to Tanzania, Kenyans are very richer, and they even have wealthy individuals who import expensive latest model Rangerovers. In Tanzania their tycoons always import old model Rangerovers.

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