“Huyu Hananga Stingo Za Mechi, Anapenda Kifo Cha Mende Tu” Bahati Exposes Diana.

Bahati Exposes Diana Marua

The relationship between Bahati and Diana Marua seems to have no any privacy. The two celebrities have decided to put everything about them on social media. They always expose their love affairs secrets to the public. Their bedroom secrets too are on the public domain.

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While at Naivasha on a family Vacation, Bahati and Diana decided to quench their thirst, by taking some shots of alcohol. It was just a way of having fun and relaxing after having a very busy 5 months of 2023.

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While they were tipsy, Diana Marua as usual decided to record some videos, in the video, Bahati’s voice, clearly reveals that he was very drunk.

He started getting nasty by talking about their bedroom matters. According to Bahati , his wife Diana Marua doesn’t know many intimate styles as many people think, bahati said that Diana is only perfect in one style , which is known as ‘ Kifo Cha Mende ‘ ( Dead cockroach).

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He said that Diana always brags online when drunk, and promises him that they will have a very steamy and roughy intimate session, but that doesn’t happen, because she is always very tipsy and unable to walk, so Bahati is the one who even carries her upto bed.

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The two have revealed almost all their bedroom secrets to the public. Diana Marua is always real, hence she always films everything they do, and exposes Bahati too.



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