” Hio Kifua ni Saa Sita, Otile Muoe tu” Kenyan Praise A Lady Who Tattooed Otile Brown’s Name on Her Chest.

A Lady Tattooed Otile Brown's Name on Her Chest.

A beautiful lady has caused stir online after she openly decided to shoot her shot on one of the best musicians and songbirds in Kenya Otile Brown. The lady who claimed to have been hitting at Otile Brown for quite some time decided to do something unique to catch the attention of Otile.

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She decided to get a permanent Tattoo of Otile Brown on her chest, just to show him how much she loves her , and it is past the fan love. The tattoo is clear and it shows the lady is very serious that she wants Otile to be her man.

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She went on an dedicated a special song to Otile, and in her lyrics, she poured all her feelings to Otile Brown, and confessed that she is deeply in love with him, and she would like Otile Brown to marry her, she is ready to do anything to win Otile Brown’s heart.

Here is the song, and also the Tattoo.


Both the song and the lady’s appearance have caused mixed reactions. As usual Kenyans never lack positive and negative comments on such an issue. A section of Instagram netizens praised the ladies chest and urged Otile to marry her. They said that she is beautiful ,she has sweet voice and she is worth to be Otile Brown’s girlfriend.

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Here is the screenshot of some of the comments.

A Lady Tattooed Otile Brown's Name on Her Chest.
Reactions After A Lady Tattooed Otile Brown’s Name on Her Chest.

Otile Brown is yet to respond to the lady.

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