Why Khaligraph Jones and Bahati Are More Successful than Willy Paul.

Sabato Sabato Reveals Why Bahati and Khaligraph Jones are more successful than Willy Paul

One of the entertainment critic, identified as Sabato Sabato , or well known as ‘ Sauti kwa ground ‘,  has come out openly to allege the reason why Khaligraph Jones and Bahati are more successful in music and life than Willy Paul , despite all of them being a very well known celebrities.

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Speaking in an interview with Plug Tv, Sabato said that the secret to the success of Bahati and Khaligraph Jones is their management. The two celebrities , have been having a very solid management and they rarely drop the whole management team.

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He started by the scenario of Bahati. Sabato said that Kioko being part of Bahati’s management has played a very huge role in making him succeed. They started from the bottom when he was living in Mathare , now he owns his mansion and a fleet of cars including Tx prado and two Mercedes Benz. He is also a very able father of 4 children.

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Her wife Diana Marua has also grown , and she is landing into huge brand ambassador jobs . The couple is successful because their management has made them a brand, and they are worth it. They are really making alot of money from endorsements.

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On the other hand Khaligraph Jones is also another successful musician in Kenya. Sabato said that, Francis, who is the official manager of Khaligraph, has really made the musician to reap alot from his music. The two have been together since 2008 when Khaligraph was still in the streets of Kayole.

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The Blue ink management led by Francis has really guided the rapper very well and he is making huge amount of money from music and brands, he is even working with monster energy which is an international brand.

Khaligraph is successful, he is a married man, father of 3 , he drives Lexus LX 570, which is worth ksh.18 Million plus. He also has a fleet of cars, and currently he is building a very expensive Mansion in Karen, an expensive suburb. He has a studio in Kilimani which is also a very expensive estate.

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While for Willy Paul, things started going left, when he fired his manager. He started getting into scandals, that were led by poor decision making. Willy Paul hasn’t been getting any brand deals, because of his behaviours. According to Sabato, Willy Paul is very talented, but when it comes to being successful, he is not yet.

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Sabato said that lack of brand deals , caused by lack of a proper management is making him struggle. Willy Paul usually market himself for shows via his Instagram. All his dancers dumped him because of poor management. He owns two Mercedes Benz, but that is not the success a very talented artist like Willy Paul should be having.

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Sabato said that immediately an artist dumps their managers, then that is where things start going left. He said that Otile Brown is heading to that direction . In two years time he will be a nobody in the Kenyan music industry. The main reason is because of parting ways with his manager Noriega, the man who made him who he is.
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