Why Diamond Platnumz and Rayvanny Wanted Relocate Tanzania And Become Kenyan Citizens.

Tanzania superstar and the former signee of Wasafi Record Label, the Ceo of next level music label, Rayvanny has come out openly to reveal to the public, why him and Diamond Platnumz wanted to relocate Tanzania and become Kenyan citizens.

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Speaking in an interview with Mzazi Tuva at Mambo Mseto, Rayvanny revealed that in the year 2018 , him together with Diamond Platnumz had made a conclusion of relocating from Tanzania to Kenya, and become the citizens of Kenya.

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He revealed that this conclusion was made after , Basata, the music regulation department of Tanzania banned them from producing music, after their song ” Nyege Nyege”was termed as immoral and banned by the board.

The government went ahead and threatened to ban the two from producing music forever, due to immorality. While they were still planning on how to relocate to Kenya, the government intervened, they had talks and came into agreement.

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They were able to solve their differences, the ban was lifted, and they created a very strong bond between them and the government. Since then they have never faced any difficulties from the government, things are cool and they have a conducive environment. Rayvanny said they were considering to relocate to kenya , because of the freedom that their artists enjoy.

Here is the video.


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