How Diana Marua Made Bahati to Exit Gospel Music Industry

Bahati Admits that Diana is the reason why he exited gospel music.

Kevin Kioko Bahati came to the limelight a decade ago as a gospel artist. He used to be very humble and his songs were very uplifting and touching, but as years kept on moving and after marrying Diana Marua, Bahati started to change and he even exited the gospel music. Can we say that Diana is the reason why he did so? , Read this article and you will get to know the whole truth.

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While on a vacation with his wife and family at Naivasha, Bahati unknowingly revealed the reason why he exited gospel music industry, and it was linked to Diana Marua.

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The two were drinking alcohol, but Bahati seemed to be more tipsy than Diana Marua. Because Diana is used to taking Alcohol. As usual Diana Marua started recording videos of her and Bahati enjoying their vacation.

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Diana Marua asked Bahati if he could have not married her what could he have been doing, in other words Diana was trying to mean what Bahati could have been doing if he couldn’t have met her.

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The drunk Bahati said that he could have been singing gospel industry. In a drunkard voice Bahati admitted that he is not used to taking Alcohol, and it is Diana Marua who introduced him to alcohol.

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” Mimi ningekuwa naimba gospel music, do you know I’m a gospel artist, sijazoea hizi vitu” Bahati said as he shows of a glass of cocktail and he went ahead and praised the mixologist.
From his statements, we can conclude that Diana Marua is the reason why Bahati left the gospel music industry.

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Even Diana revealed that her past lifestyle was worser, she used to be a party girl, and it could have been bad to be spotted partying and taking alcohol, yet her husband is born again.

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Therefore Diana incited Bahati to start doing secular song, and this gave her a freedom to enjoy alcohol and also initiated Bahati to taking alcohol and that is how the Mtoto wa mama changed to Mtoto wa Diana.

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