Why Ex Liverpool Sadio Mane 31 , Married An 18 Years Old Girl .

Sadio Mane's Wife

Ex Liverpool player and Senegal maestro, Sadio Mane went viral online, after he decided to tie knot with his  lon term girlfriend Aisha Tamba. This happened at the beginning of 2023, before heading to the African Cup of Nations competitions in Ivory Coast.

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It happened in a private ceremony, that was attended by the invites only, and through viral videos online and information from reliable sources, it was really a very lavish wedding.
The ceremony which was held at Keur Massar, Dakar, Senegal had in attendance close relatives of Mane and his new wife.

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Reports from reliable sources have revealed that, Aisha Tamba is originally from Casamança and like her husband, she speaks Madingue.

Why Mane Married Aisha Tamba who is 18 years old.

The age difference between the two is 13 years , and people all over the world were wondering, why Sadio Mane decided to marry a younger girl. First of all the legal age of Senegal is 16 years and not 18 years , hence she is legally eligible to get married .

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A report by Pulse Sports indicate that Mane and Aisha have known each other since their teenage days.The report further indicates that Aisah Tamba is a daughter of an accomplished Senegalese architect.

The two have known each other for quite a long time, and sources revealed that Mane has also played a very great role in the life of Aisha. He helped in paying school bills and other essentials. The love between the two is mutual and true love.

Sadio Mane and his wife Aisha Tamba
Sadio Mane and his wife Aisha Tamba

Sadio Manes friends and relatives from both sides believe that it  is a legit marriage and they wish them all the best. Mane has been the light of his village and getting a wife is something that all the villagers are happy and they have been really showing love for the two.

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