“Yeye Ndio Alinikatia” Mulamwah Reveals That Ruth K Begged For His Phone Number.

How Mulamwah and Ruth K Met

One of the most famous online content creator, comedian and also radio presenter, Mulamwah is a man in love again. After a bitter fall out with Carol Sonnie, his bestie Ruth K came to help him heal, and one thing led to another, the two became a couple and even got pregnant.

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In a video on Ruth K official channel, Mulamwah decided to reveal to their fans, how they fast met, however he didn’t reveal the year they met. But according to his narration the two met when Mulamwah was dating Caroll Sonnie.

Mulamwah said that he fast met Ruth K in Eldoret, he had gone in a hardware to buy some construction materials. That is how he met the love of his life. They connected, and he said that Ruth K was the one who asked for his number.

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They started chatting, and later Ruth K initiated for a meet up.They met in Eldoret , they vibed and since then they became friends. Just a reminder, Mulamwah introduced Ruth K as his signee under Mulamwah entertainment, and that time he was dating Caroll Sonnie.

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So according to the narration of Mulamwah, it is like after parting ways with Carroll, Ruth K became his best friend. In the healing process he found love in Ruth and the two decided to give it a shot. So far so good (2024) , the two are expecting, and they are a power couple, Mulamwah is a happy man again. We wish them all the best in their relationship journey.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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