Why Akothee’s Sister Cebbie Didn’t Attend Her Wedding.

Siblings rivalry is something that has been witnessed in Akothee’s family. This is among the key reasons why her blood sister Cebbie, didn’t show up at Akothee’s Grand Royal Wedding, that happened at Windsor Hotel on 10th April 2023.

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Cebbie Kioks who is married to a famous lawyer Steve Ogolla, was among the people who were expected to attend Akothee’s wedding, because the two are sisters. However this didn’t happen, because of several reasons.

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One reason that is known to the public is that Akothee and Cebbie haven’t been in good terms. Even when Cebbie did her event, Akothee didn’t show up. The two have a fall out ,and according to some reliable sources, it is just a case of siblings rivalry, whereby they are somehow trying to compete each other.

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During the Akothee’s wedding day, her mother introduced the whole family and relatives. While revealing why some of the family members, including Cebbie didn’t attend the functions, Akothee’s mother said that , other family members are just there , and they just choose not to attend Akothee’s wedding.

Cebbie Kioks on the other hand, didn’t reveal the reason why she didn’t show up. She even went on and mocked the bloggers for waiting her to speak up, so that they can have content. But it is clear from Akothee’s mother that, Cebbie and other family members who missed out , just choose not to attend the function.

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