Binti ya Yesu Adai Kuwa Mjukuu Wa Mungu

The story of the self proclaimed Jesus from Bungoma, is still the talk of the town. Yesu wa Tongaren has been gaining fame online, and as a result his family has been on the limelight. One of her daughters identified as Nabii Enoka, made a controversial statement, where she claimed to be God’s granddaughter.

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A  Muslim content creator identified as Ramadhan, went to challenge the eligibility of Yesu Wa Tongaren. During the challenge, Ramadhan posed challenging questions to Yesu wa Tongaren and his followers, some they answered and some they just gave contradicting answers.

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While questioning Yesu wa Tongaren’s daughter, Nabii Enoka, Ramadhan questioned her about the eligibility of her father and also her identity. The young daughter said that she is a daughter of Jesus who is a son of God. This automatically meant that she is a grand daughter of God.

Nabii Enoka strongly believes that her father Yesu wa Tongaren is the real Jesus and he is God’s son, therefore all his family is related to God. It was a very challenging session, where Yesu wa Tongaren and his followers insisted that they are the through way to heaven and they believe that Yesu is the choosen one.

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Yesu wa Tongaren insisted that he will continue with his ministry, and just like Jesus was rejected by his own people and didn’t give up, he too won’t give up, and he is sure that during the judgement day Kenyans who are against him will remember him.

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