Dr Ofweneke: Why Akothee Paid Me Ksh.1.4 Million to MC at Her Wedding.

Famous comedian and radio presenter, Dr Ofweneke finally decided to reveal to the public , the huge amount of money, that Esther Akothee paid him to be the master of ceremony for her grand royal wedding, that happened at Windsor Hotel in Nairobi.

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Speaking with online media, Ofweneke said that, Akothee paid him ksh. 1.4 Million for being her wedding MC . The comedian said that the reason why Akothee paid him that huge amount of money, is because she greatly believe in him, and she knew that Ofweneke is a huge brand.

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He said that he has been working on his brand for 14 years, and this is one of the reasons why, his rate card is high as compared to other MC’s. Ofweneke said that the least amount of money he usually charge for an event is ksh.500,000 . That is for small events, but for big events such as wedding, he charges ksh.1 Million and above.

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Despite being paid that huge amount of money, Ofweneke said that Akothee is his best friend, and he did everything with his passion. The comedian said that he is still in talks with Madam Boss about the Switzerland wedding, that will happen on July 10th.

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He is supposed to be the MC , but the wedding is contradicting with his schedule. That is the month that he will be having his comedy tour in Europe, but he said that he will make sure that he attends Akothee’s wedding in Switzerland.

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