” We Could Have Avoided it” Baba Mona’s Family Emotionally Narrates His Last Moments.

The Death of Baba Mona Explained By The Family and His Last Moments

It is A big blow to the famous tiktoker Baba Mona’s family and all his fans and friends. This is after the content creator passed away after he was involved in a deadly accident at Londiani . No one survived, Baba mona, his daughter Mona and his two sisters Belinda and Coni all died on the spot.

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In the latest video of the family members narrating the last moments of the tiktoker. It emerged that the car they were traveling in seemed somehow to have had a problem.

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Baba Mona’s young brother said that before leaving Nairobi, they delayed for 1 hour because of car. The car had refused to start, and he tried to start the engine several times , but it wasn’t responding.

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After trying for a while, Baba mona decided to call the owner of the car and asked him if it had any mechanical problem, but the owner said that the car is safe. He went inside again and tried to start the engine, by goodluck the engine started, and the four left Nairobi at 6:00 a’m , which was one hour late because they had planned to leave at 5:00 a.m.

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The brother also said that, the period Baba Mona was trying to start the engine, their mother entered inside the car, and she somehow said that the car wasn’t comfortable.
” Hii gari mbona inakaa kunifinyia watoto wangu” Those were the words of his mother.

On the way their mum was in contact with them, and she kept on calling them to know where they have reached. But after a while no one was picking the phone. They tried to call several times but there was no answer.

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His mother decided to call their father , and that is when they received a heartbreaking news from their father that Baba Mona ,Mona , Coni and Belinda are no more.The Dad told them that he had been informed that they were involved in a deadly accident and no one survived.

It is indeed a very sad incident, may all their souls rest in peace, lets all stand with the family during this difficult time. May almighty God give them strength.

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