Inside A Church in Kisumu Where Followers Are Chained and Locked in Cells.

Inside the Holy Ghost Coptic Church in Kisumu

The story of Holy Ghost Coptic Church in Kisumu  is very shocking. This church is based in Mamboleo Area and the founder of the church is the famous Father John Pesa. He is among the prominent pastors in Kenya.

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What has raised concerns among Kenyans is how the church operates. It has a unique style on how they handle their things, and it has been alleged that it is a form of slavery.

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In the recent expose by Standard Media Group, it was revealed that , followers who have any form of illiness, are usually brought in the church,then they are chained and locked up in church cells. The chains are tied on their legs, so that they can’t manage to escape.

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According to John Pesa, chaining the sick people is a form of healing, he claimed that the system has worked on several people, and after a while they get healed, and unchained and released from the church prison.

Father John Pesa
Father John Pesa, the owner of Holy Ghost Coptic Church.

However according to majority of the followers who have been chained, they feel it is a form of torture. They revealed that they are only served two meals in a day, they stay in the same room with their waste products, they only get out one day in a week, and that is on Sunday.

For them it is like a form of slavery and they were really crying out for someone to rescue them. The living environment is just unconducive and some are likely to get infected with lifestyle diseases or get depressed .

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Several cases about how the church is treating its followers have been taken in the court of the law, but they are still pending. Therefore it is difficult for Kisumu County to order the closure of the church, they must wait for the court ruling.

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Meanwhile it is clearly evident that the chained individual are really going through alot in the church prisons. It is a form of inhumanity, and it is something that the authorities need to address as soon as possible.
Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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