Madini Classics Opens Up On Eric Omondi Conning Him Money and Stealing His Girlfriend.

Madini Classics speaks about being conned money and snatched girlfriend by Eric Omondi.

Some years ago, Madini Classics went viral online, after he claimed that he had been conned a very huge amount of money by Eric Omondi. The singer was in tears as he narrated how Eric made his management to stop funding him, and how he wanted to finish his music career.

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Apart from allegations of being conned money, there were also claims online that Eric also stole Madini Classics girlfriend, called Assumptha.

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Speaking in an interview with Plug Tv, Madini decided to open up on those allegations. He first agreed that it is true Eric Omondi conned him some money. He said that he lost about ksh.70,000, he had a deal with Eric and it didn’t work out.

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When it comes to snatching his girlfriend, Madini didn’t come out clearly , but he said that Assumptha was not his girlfriend. She was just his best friend and they used to work together sometimes , so he is the one who made her know Eric Omondi.

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Madini said that Eric didn’t snatch his girlfriend, he just felt that it was good to work with Assumptha. He said that Eric likes clout chasing , so everything he said online, or he was spotted doing that time with Assumptha was just clout and also helping her to gain fame.

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The singer said that he knows Eric Omondi is talented, he loves his jokes, but there are somethings he completely disagrees on how Eric is doing it, such as wearing female clothes and doing some weird things just for views.

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