Waah! Maria Arab Boss To Rossie, Ask Her Never To Go Back To Her Family.

The viral Nanny Rossie caused stir online, after she was given a very emotional goodbye by her bosses. The video went viral, and  most kenyans felt it as they showed love to the bosses for the good goodbye for their nanny.

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From the video , you could tell that Rossie was indeed a very good nanny, and she had a very good relationship with her bosses. The children were also seen shedding tears, and it was clear that they would miss her.

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After that heartfelt goodbye, Rossie gained fame online, especially on Tiktok, her bosses also gained more fame. Maria who was the woman of the house where Rossie was working, or in other words the wife to her boss, did a short video, urging Rosie never to go back to Lebanon again.

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According to Maria, she thinks that Rosie needs to now explore other opportunities and spend time with her family. She said that if she could have been her, she could have not considered going back to Lebanon again.

Maria said that it is true they will miss her, but maybe it was the right time for her to leave, and she was a very good nanny, now she should use the fame and explore other opportunities.

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She tried to emulate the famous saying by kenyan professor, PLO Lumumba, who always say that ” A good player knows when to leave the pitch, if you overdo you will destroy everything”. Maria therefore urged Rossie to spend time in Kenya and try to explore other new opportunities.

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